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    Iberian Margin

    The area of Cadiz is very important for geo-hazards. It was the site where one of the worst earthquake that hit Europe occured in 1755, coupled with a destructive tsunami. Here African and European tectonic plates converge. It is a seismic a volcanic region. It is also the site to investigate the flow that from Mediterranean move into the Atlantic and affects the deep-water circulation on global scale. The geologic and oceanographic features of this region favour the presence of highly diverse benthic communities and have also a central role in the distribution of several marine mammals and fish species.

    Molène Island

    The Molène archipelago is part of the Natural Marine Parc d’Iroise, a marine protected area hosting a rich biodiversity and biomass with the largest seaweed field in Europe, a wide range of benthic organism, endangered bird species and marine mammals, including bottlenose dolphins and seals. EMSO-Molène is a pilot for a new generation of multidisciplinary cabled and coastal observatories, based on reliable proven off the shelf technologies. The technologies were used in the design of the cable observatory EMSO-Ligure Nice.

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